Monday, February 2, 2009

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California is the first stop on our travels. We are here for the TED conference, which starts on Wednesday, but we came early to explore a bit.

Our first impressions when we flew in yesterday afternoon:

* Is this the golf capital of the world? When viewed from the air, the number of golf courses is stunning. And the number of golf bags at baggage claim? Overwhelming.

* Wow, we may well be the youngest travelers in the airport. We are hardly young, but the dominant tourist demographic clearly skews older.

* Look at all the palm trees.

Additional impressions once we settled into our hotel room:

* Palm Springs is Las Vegas without the glitz and without the grit.

* The city worships stars of the past -- Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore, Marilyn Monroe. Our hotel does a wonderful job of honoring that timeperiod with a modern touch. For example, each room contains pictures of Marilyn and a 1950's Cadillac. Very cool in their way.

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