Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big Daddy

The tallest dune in the Namib-Naukluft Park -- and, allegedly, the world (but we haven't fact checked that) -- is Big Daddy. Naturally we had to climb it.

And you know what? Climbing dunes is hard. You need to walk along the ridge the forms the edge betweem the windward side of the dune (called the slope side) and the leeward side (called the slip side). The slip side is steep and incredibly soft -- don't walk there unless you're a beetle with six legs and little mass. The slope side is flatter and provides enough support that you can make some progress. But it still gets your heart pumping.

The dunes are beautiful in the morning light.

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  1. You take the most amazing photos. It's wonderful to have such a beautiful window into your trip. Louise and I have enjoyed all the posts.

    I agree that Insha'Allah is one of the most apt phrases for world travel--and not just in the Middle East. At times, it's all you have...

    Have you tried the goat yet? (Just curious).

    Best wishes from Baltimore.