Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mammals of Brazil

The Pantanal offered some of the best mammal viewing we've ever experienced. At least 22 species in three days. Add in two species of monkeys we saw elsewhere, and we racked up at least 24.


Ocelot (the highlight of the trip; came jogging through the forest about 10 one morning)
Crab-eating fox (also at Iguacu)
Giant river otter
Coati (South American; also at Iguacu)
Giant anteater
Yellow armadillo (six-banded)
Tapir (Brazilian)

Marsh deer
Pampas deer
Grey brocket deer (also at Iguacu)
Red brocket deer (also at Iguacu)

Brazilian rabbit (also at Iguacu)
Agouti (Azara's; also at Iguacu)
Collared peccary

White-lipped peccary

Feral pig

Howler monkey (Black and gold)
Capuchin (Brown; also at Christ the Redeemer in Rio)

Greater fishing bat

Lesser fishing bat
Bat flying in our bedroom (species unknown)
Other bats outside where they belong (perhaps fruit?)

Evidence of other critters
Jaguar tracks, calls, photos on camera traps
Puma track (maybe)


Golden-lion tamarins (at reserve north of Rio)
Common marmosets (Sugar Loaf, reserve north of Rio)

For more mammal photos from Brazil, see this slideshow.


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