Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Last Day of Adventure in Alaska

Thursday morning began with a hike through bear country in Idaho Bay. We didn't meet any of the furry critters, but we did find remarkable evidence of their presence.

Brown bear often step in the exact same spots year after year, following in the steps of their elders. You can see those tracks in the first photo.

Later in the morning, we headed to Dundas Bay for our longest kayak of the trip. We certainly needed the workout after eating so well on the boat.

This is a rare photo of Esther and Donald both paddling.

After a couple of miles (against the falling tide), we found about a dozen sea otters scattered across the water at the base of an island. The babies are quite large by this time of year, and some of the moms seemed a bit over-matched by their soon-to-be-independent pups.

Several harbor seals were also cruising the waters. As best as we could tell, this particular seal enjoyed sneaking up on mother sea otters and scaring them. A moment later, mama otter and her pup disappeared below the water in a cloud of spray.

Note: The first two photos are by other travelers on our expedition.


  1. Hello Donald and Esther,

    I wanted to speak to with about using one of your picture on this blog post for my family's company website. Would you be open to the idea?

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Kelly - We'd be happy to discuss. You can reach us by email at blog [at] dmarron [.com]